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The Graig White Experience

The Graig White Experience
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10 Steps To A Great Training Protocol

For Your Information - 10 Steps To A Great Training Protocol
While going through some old notes, I came across a list of ten concepts that I learned as I was just starting in the game.  This list is a shorthand version of things that have helped me stay at the top of my game.  Simple and concise and truly believe that if followed will go a long way in helping you become the athlete you are working to be. (


TGWE - First Tennis Testing with BCTA

First testing for tennis with BCTA
The game of tennis is more than hitting a ball back and forth over a net, it’s a game that is dictated by an athlete’s ability to get to the ball in enough time to hit a quality reply to a ball hit. So what we did is to utilize testing modalities that will help quantify how quickly a tennis athlete can move around the court. (
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FYI - Ballin’ On A Budget

For Your Information - Ballin’ On A Budget
Summer is coming to an end, and with that we look to the time when basketball season will be starting. Most players have been working hard on doing the things most ballers do to enhance their abilities. For those of you who haven’t, the window to make any marked improvements is starting to close. This piece is geared to those of you who have decided, now is the time to start getting right. (


TGWE- The Objective

The Graig White Experience - The Objective
Over the course of my career, I have been asked “What is your objective?” My answer is simple, it’s to educate athletes, parents and coaches on ways athletes can get more efficient in their performance while reducing their risk of injury. That is the goal with the Burlington County Tennis Association. A group that I have done extensive work with in the past. (
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The Graig White Experience - The Question
At a workout today I was asked by a parent what I thought was the most important quality of an athlete was, which was a great question I thought. My reply was “curiosity”. I could hear the parent thinking what in the world? Yes, curiosity, the desire to know. Most athletes today, don’t seem to ask the right questions and are even slower to want to think about the right answer. (
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It's A New Season, So Let's Start Getting Things Done!
So, you say you want to get better, do better, I ask just what are you doing to make that happen? If you honestly say “nothing” this piece is for you. Let’s talk procrastination, this concept can keep you from addressing issues that may get in the way of you achieving goals you say you are working towards. “I’ll do it later”, tends to give people a false reassurance it will get done, so you can put the task you are avoiding out of your mind. (
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This month's What's New series: FYI featured article gets you ready for baseball...

Training for Baseball
During my career as a conditioning coach, I worked to create training programs that would help our baseball players not only get stronger but would also enhance their ability to compete. The offseason was the time we devoted our efforts to getting stronger mentally and physically, in the expectation that when faced with adversity we will find the strength to fight through it and to focus on what needs to be done on the field to maximize our success. (
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Why Camden?

When the word got out about my desire to do more work with the youth in Camden, I was asked "Why Camden? There isn't any money there". My response was that's just it, because there is little money in the city. Camden is the place where I was born and call home, it's the place where I went to school, learned and competed in several sports and other activities that played a great part in my development. Camden has been a huge supporter of my efforts to help expose the youth of our fair city to sports that some say are "non'-traditional". (Continued... )

Game Changers Update

This month's What's New series: Featured article talks about the runningback...

Runningback, the swiss army knife of a football team and the people who play this position are often asked to do more than anyone on the offense. Some plays call for them to line up in the backfield and carry the ball, pick up a blitzing linebacker, split out and play slot receiver or go all the way out to the numbers. The runningback has to have a varied skill set to succeed at any level of the game. (

Taking Charge

With money for athletic budgets getting smaller and smaller is up to coaches to find ways to enhance their programs while staying within those constraints. When it comes to conditioning I’m seeing more than a few coaches do a few things. They either take over the duties themselves or delegate it to an assistant or allow their athletes to go to an outside source. There are arguments for and against either scenarios, I’m writing to help coaches make an informed decision as to which way may be best.

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