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Back at Salem Again

Gregory “Graig” White and Salem together again!

Camden, NJ (May 20, 2009) - Gregory “Graig” White Director of Performance Enhancement at Rutgers University and founder of Team Conditioning Systems is proud to announce his partnership with the John B. Campbell Fitness Center.

Coach White, a former resident of Salem, left to seek his fortune in the world of Athletic Performance Enhancement and has done well for himself. He has spent his time wisely in the NBA, and working with NFL Strength and Conditioning coaches and athletes, he has also worked with other athletes from numerous other sports as well. Owner of a NCAA National Championship Ring for his work the 2006 DIII Rutgers University Softball team is one of the moments Coach White points to one asked about his experiences in the business.

“Mr. (Charles) Washington is giving me a chance to come back and give to a community that helped me become the person and coach that I am.” White continues, “It is my desire to bring the knowledge that I have acquired to the area and share it. I believe that knowledge is no good unless it’s shared”. Graig has been featured in some of the world most read fitness magazines, even appearing on the cover of one. “I cut my teeth at the YMCA in town and still love that place. It was like a launching pad for me. Someone once said that you can’t go home again, I have always had nice thoughts about Salem and thought it was time.”

Graig is the Director of Performance Enhancement at Rutgers; his focus is on developing protocols for the athletes to assist in raising their level of play. And boy has he, his efforts have been recognized by the likes of Reebok, who honored him as “A person who makes a difference” and South Jersey Magazine named him as “one of the 22 People to Watch in 2002”. When asked about that Coach White said, “This is quite an honor and it is one that I share with everyone who worked to help me get to where I am”.

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