Justin Hawkins, Athlete

Training with Coach Greg has benefited me. Every time we worked out most importantly I felt safe. Every workout we’ve done was specific to my body & for the sake of improving my weaknesses. His attention to detail to my technique during exercises is what separates him from anybody I’ve ever worked with. I’m grateful.

Samir Robinson, Athlete

Coach Greg’s workouts help me in so many ways that I didn’t even realize. One of the biggest improvements I made from working out with coach Greg is, I went from touching under the rim to being able to fully grab the rim with ease now.

Tyrone Rucker, Athlete

I was probably 165 lbs soaking wet with little muscle tone when I met Greg after my freshman basketball season at Rutgers-Camden. I wanted to be a better basketball player and Greg made me a better athlete, period! He instilled in me, a work hard but smart work ethic. Under Greg’s tutelage, training and guidance, I was able to put on roughly 15 lbs of muscle every basketball offseason and did not lose a step. In fact, I was a bigger, stronger and faster version of myself training with Greg. I have witnessed firsthand how a strength and conditioning coach is supposed to enhance an athlete’s athleticism and maximize potential. I highly recommend Greg White for any athlete looking to unlock their GREATNESS on the playing field/court!

Dan Ostberg, Student

I started working out with Graig White back in high school at Paul VI. Originally, I went to Graig for assistance in improving my on ice abilities for ice hockey, and over time I noticed extremely significant changes. Not only did I see on ice and physiological improvements, but my confidence skyrocketed to new heights due to his training. Graig helped create a foundation for me to work off through his training, and made the workouts fun yet challenging. To this day, Graig has helped shape who I have become through his training. While working with him my passion for strength training grew, and presently I am a few days away from earning a degree from Rutgers University in Exercise Science and Sport Studies. In addition, I plan on continuing my education at Ohio University with the aspiration of becoming a strength and conditioning coach for a university one day soon. I am extremely thankful for my time with Graig, and I will always remember those workouts with him.

Will Lyons, Athlete

Training with Mr. white was a tremendous experience. His extensive knowledge of how to help me reach my fitness goals allowed me to not only meet but exceed every goal I had. I recommend anyone who has the chance to train under him do so as often as possible.

Sezer Solak, Esquire

I worked with Greg while I was in law school at Rutgers-Camden. I met Greg while participating in the University's recreational flag football league. Greg had a very competitive spirit about him and was focused on making sure those around him got better. Soon after, I began playing for the South Jersey Lynx Semi-Professional football team and worked with Greg throughout the summer of my first and second year.

Greg's training programs were different from a lot of the programs I had participated in before. I had never heard of half the exercises he asked me to do, let alone have actually done the exercises in the past. However, it only took one workout for me to realize that these unorthodox workouts were exactly what my body needed. He understood exactly what it was that I needed to do and created a personal workout plan just for me. He was always there to provide encouragement and to push me to put in work and become the best. It is no surprise that my current regimen mirrors a lot of what I did under Greg. Cannot say enough good things about Greg the person or Greg the trainer.

Tony Ellington Sr, Parent

Hello my name is Tony Ellington Sr. and my sons name is Tony Ellington JR., my son has been playing basketball since he was 5 years old. He has been to many camps and has done a lot of individual training over the last 10 years. Everything we have done the point of emphases has involved a basketball in some shape or form. We have done some work without the ball from band work to plyometric but when we were blessed enough to meet and work with Coach Graig White we quickly realized how little we knew and how little we had really done in the weight of strength training.

The work we were doing before (about 10% of the total workouts) we were doing because we were told it would help our game. Coach White took it to another level and would explain every aspect of what we were doing from what muscle it would impact to why we need to improve the technique in which we execute the exercises. He always took timeout to explain to my son and I what was going on with his body no matter how stupid the question may have been.

When my son first started going to Coach White in May of 2011 (his 8th grade year) he weighed 98 pounds and had trouble getting knocked off his line by bigger, stronger and more experienced players. He has always been quick but because of his lack of size and strength he spent more time going East-West instead of North-South, going around players and not through the space he created with his speed and dribble, which gave defenders time to recover.

Entering high school we knew this would be an opportunity, he has always been a good player but high school ball is a much fast and more physical game than you will find an the middle school, travel ball and AAU arenas. And to make matters worse he attends Rancocas Valley High School which has over 2000 students and its basketball programs is always one of the top in state.

Since May he has worked with Coach White 2 to 3 times a week for 45min to an hour each workout. He has gained 25 pounds of muscle and is more explosive than he has ever been. During team camp in July he did enough to catch the coach’s eye to be selected to participate in many varsity events that took place over the summer and fall. With quality results in the events he was asked to tryout for the JV/Varsity team. Over 56 players tried out, they only kept 18 players and he is one of them (on JV). The first two scrimmages he did not start but was an impact player in both games so much so he started in the 3rd scrimmages and did a great job.

We contribute a tremendous amount of credit to the work Coach White put in with him over the months. We went from worrying about making the frosh team to starting JV because of the professional approach and superior knowledge that Coach White has displayed. We are looking forward to working out with him over the years. If the first 6 month is any indication this should be an awesome ride. Thank you coach White for all you do.

Tony Ellington Sr.

Lt. Howard Davenport #2365, Parent
Delran Twp Police Department

The SJHSIHL has put together an All-Star team consisting of juniors and seniors to participate in an All Star Tourney that will compete against teams from other Pennsylvania high school leagues. Each All Star team will play 2 games and showcase their skills in front of local college coaches as well as a selection committee that will ultimately select 20 skaters and 2-3 goalies to represent Team Philadelphia in America’s Showcase, a tournament that features players from all around the country competing against each other.

A. J. Tavares, Soccer
Rutgers University Men's Soccer

"Perfectly balanced! Included all aspects of soccer in every workout. Not only did it improve my physical but it also increased my confidence."

Karen Carter, Women's Basketball
Scarlet Raptors

“I never really believed in he effects of a proper strength and conditioning program until I tore my ACL. Tearing my ACL completely changed the way I viewed my body as well as the way I treated it. Before my injury, I lifted sporadically, when I met Graig I was at an extremely low point. I had abandoned my physical therapy and was doing myself more harm than good. Graig and I sat down and discussed what our goals and expectations would be for me. As we set about beginning our strength and conditioning program not only did I meet all of the goals, I exceeded them! Graig is a special coach in that he is willing to listen to what his athletes have to say. He stood by me when no one else did and I am such a better athlete and person for it."

Donna Camardo, Girl's Basketball Coach
Pope Paul VI High School

"Graig White 's workouts are great for the high school athlete. He combines hard work and fun which carries through the season and brings an intensity that is unmatched by other trainers. I recommend him to all my female athletes and have never been disappointed."