Walesca Rivera, Fitness Model

"Having Graig White as my conditioning coach/friend - that is what he's become to me - is an awesome experience. Anything that he does he takes the challenge and makes the best of it. But know that Graig does not do it on his own. He truly works with you and does it because he sincerely enjoys his job. Never have I met someone with so much to give without expecting anything in return."

Nick DiPillo, Assistant Coach
New York Liberty, WNBA

"Training with Graig White, without question, helped me get the most out of my abilities as a player and prepared me to play at the Division I level. I found his training methods to be unique and effective and his motivational skills second to none. Working at the professional level, I wouldn't hesitate to send any of my players Graig's way."

Kevin Patrick, Tennis Teaching Professional
Former California-Berkeley Tennis Athlete
Moorestown Friends - Head Tennis Coach

"Graig White's training methods continually challenge my level of strength and fitness allowing for peak performance on the court. I now have greater confidence in my athletic abilities due to his expertise as a conditioning coach. He's truly an asset to anyone striving for high levels of achievement in their sport."