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TCS Join Forces w/JFK Center

TCS Joins Forces with the JFK Center
The Graig White Experience

Team Conditioning Systems is excited about the opportunity to join forces with the John F. Kennedy Center in Willingboro New Jersey. Our focus will be on bringing another voice to the members of the center on issues pertaining to fitness and nutrition. As well as creating a space for athletes to come in and work on enhancing their strength index we are in the process of bringing in the Burlington County Tennis Association and turning into their official training facility.

For those of you who may not know, the training programs we can hold there are going to be AMAZING! A NBA sized basketball court, 2 football fields, a track, and baseball/softball fields. The program offerings and athletes we can reach are limitless.

We are also working on creating a Lacrosse program and an Olympic Developmental Weightlifting program. We are currently working on dates and times so please check our website and social media for that information.

The Graig White Experience - Tennis Expo 2016

Tennis Fitness Expo 2016
The Graig White Experience

Spent the day presenting at the Burlington County Tennis Association’s Women’s tennis and fitness expo, the event was organized by Ike and Debbie Johnson. The event hosted Gigi Fernandez, Olympic Gold medalist and winner of multiple major championships.

It was my pleasure to share different types of techniques that would help tennis players at every level, techniques that cover the gamut of interval training, proprioception and functional strength and movement.

The participants covered the full spectrum from Juniors to players over 55 years of age and it’s great to report that everyone survived. Had a great time and looking forward to be a part of it next year.

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Graig White Experience - Get Fit

Get Fit!!!
The Graig White Experience

Team Conditioning Systems is excited to offer The “Graig White Experience” for 2015. The program focuses on teaching kids about nutrition and fitness fundamentals. The program is available for students in grades 6-12 throughout the Delaware Valley.

Participants who sign-up for The Graig White Experience will be asked to make fitness a bigger part of their day for the school year. Following your plan throughout the year will make participants eligible to win incentives to stay active. You can find where to participate on the registration page. Further details on how to win prizes will follow once you have signed-up.

Just by signing-up for The “Graig White Experience”, you will receive special discounts on gear and workouts for participating students that include fitness tips from Team Conditioning Systems coaches and Athletes!

Participants who sign-up will also be eligible to win prizes that may include any of the following:

  • Fitness-based gift for each participant
  • Game tickets and/or team merchandise (Team To be determined)

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Fitness Camp

Fitness Camp
The Graig White Experience

The Graig White Experience is a program devoted to educating youth and their families about the importance of healthy living. This camp provides children a fun and engaging environment to learn about nutrition and physical fitness. Through education and recreational activities, the staff empowers campers to eat well and exercise regularly. As a group, each child participates in numerous activities that create a fun and exciting experience. Activities include: exercise, traditional and non-traditional sports, This program provides campers new experiences, strengthens families, creates friendships and boosts self-esteem.

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GWE in Salem County

Sports trainer Graig White working with athletes in Salem County

Strength and conditioning expert Graig White has worked with numerous professional athletes and lectured throught the Northeast region since starting his career in 1988. Now White, who owns a degree in sports psychology, wants to bring his expertise to the area’s athletes with a training program dubbed the Graig White Experience. “The thing that makes me different is the fact that I am bringing all the knowledge that I have gained from all over the country to Salem County,” said White. “I have worked with the (Philadelphia) 76ers in the ‘90s, in numerous NFL weight rooms and have had high school athletes that I have worked with go to every major college conference.”

Coming from humble beginnings in Camden, White feels very fortunate to be in the position he is in now. “I have benefited so much from my experiences over the years, and there is no way I could pay back all the people that helped me along the way,” said White. “But coming into Salem County where there are not many programs like this, is kind of my way of paying it forward.” White says every individual that participates in the Graig White Experience will get a workout designed to their needs.

“There are no specific workouts for the group of athletes,” said White. “When the athletes come in I find out what their weaknesses are and go from there.” Despite the wide range of athletes that White sees, there is a common theme for today’s athlete — a weak core.

“Everything starts in the core,” said White. “If your core isn’t strong, then your balance is off and you’re a liability in the game. “So I like to beat up the core, because it’s the ultimate building block and way too many athletes neglect it.” White won’t promise to increase an athlete’s vertical jump or improve their agility. “Out objective is to turn every athlete into a potential weapon for their team,” said White. “I’m not trying to sell a bill of goods, but create athletes who understand and utilize their bodies in space.”

White feels his sports psychology background gives him an opportunity to add an element to a typical training session. “The greatest hindrance to success for an athlete is lack of belief in themselves,” added White. “My mantra is to never put an athlete in a position to fail, from success you breed success.”

White is teaching the Graig White Experience at 9 a.m. on Saturdays at the Campbell Fitness Center in Salem, but is hoping it thrives to the point he can open up additional training days during the week. “My master plan is to have three or four sessions a week where athletes can come get information and grow,” said White.