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Looking Back

When asked to look back over my career and to talk to about what I think my greatest accomplishment is I always say the same thing. We have had no injuries in any facility I have supervised. I bristle when people talk about luck being involved, luck may play a small part but I truly believe that this is due to the hard work my assistants, interns and the athletes themselves put in.

I will tell anyone who will listen that I had the best staff in the galaxy. Edward Hill and Edmund “Elmo” Malqui were two cats I knew I could count on. These cats had the ability to run the room when I wasn’t around. I still believe that they could have been the best in the region if they had stayed in the game (both are now working as attorneys).  

The thing that set us apart was our educational program, our goal was to educate our athletes as to how the muscles functioned, and that when we lifted we rarely used our egos as a guide. We rarely did “max” sets because we were not creating powerlifters, our goal was to create stronger, faster athletes that could out work other athletes. 

Ed and Elmo both understood the rules of our room and worked hard to enforce them. Our room wasn’t overly regulated, the rules were a guide for us to maintain order. Once the word of the type of work we were doing in our room, our place became the place athletes from other schools in our conference came to be a part of.

I am proud of the work we did while at Rutgers and all of the high schools we worked at, and after 20+ years in the business I am looking forward to another 20+ years of working with athletes and no injuries in our room on our watch.