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Weight Room Training
Really Love What I Do

I really love what I do, why else would I do it for as long as I have?  Watching athletes grow from people who come into the weight training facility with a great deal of uncertainty leave with a level of confidence that you knew they had all along is a testament to their level of trust in my ability to get the best out of them.  

Spending time with athletes, who traditionally don’t get encouraged to spend a lot of time in the weight room presents challenges that I am more than prepared for.  Junior tennis players stand to benefit a great deal from spending a couple of days a week in a weight room, you figure that the USTA have first class training facilities all over the country you would think that more coaches would embrace the power that being stronger presents.  

The reason I believe for the hesitancy is that when some people hear “lifting weights” they envision people who are powerlifters lifting more than twice their body weight.  I work to present another picture, one of a fit, strong athletic body, that not only functions well, but looks good on the beach. 

To all of my tennis playing athletes, who look at conditioning as an afterthought I ask that you keep an open mind, look us up and allow us to show you how forty-five minutes a day two days a week can be the difference between success and failure.