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Power Eating

Power Eating

Power Eating: Build Muscle Boost Energy Cut FatFinally, a book as a coach and parent of an athlete I feel I can trust. There are lots of books out that are talking about concepts that I just don't know about. Concepts that just don't have a place in the lives of some of our younger athletes. Things that can be dangerous and should not even be in the heads of those athletes.

This book is thorough and well written. It is a book that I tell all my athletes about and recommend that they as well as their parents might want to invest in. "Power Eating" is long on concepts that won't change much over time, because it is filled with basic truths, and common sense. 16 chapters of information that is put together in one great source, filled with charts and graphs, things that will help once you have read it and start to put the information to use. This book is a must read for athletes and coaches alike.