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Runningback, the swiss army knife of a football team and the people who play this position are often asked to do more than anyone on the offense. Some plays call for them to line up in the backfield and carry the ball, pick up a blitzing linebacker, split out and play slot receiver or go all the way out to the numbers. The runningback has to have a varied skill set to succeed at any level of the game.

Throughout my career I have had opportunities to work with backs who have done some really amazing things, put up some great numbers, but the thing that impressed me the most was their desire to work. These cats were willing to do everything that was asked of them, not saying that we got along right away, in fact in most cases there was a period were I’m sure they didn’t like me. The reason they didn’t like me wasn’t because I was pushing them too hard, it was because I introduced my idea of logic into their training protocols.

These cats had been indoctrinated to “work hard” which has its place but I brought the “work smart” concept into their lives. The guys would want to do one or more extra reps in our sets, or they were looking for “extra” things to do on their own. I convinced them that if they did everything I asked them to do that there is no need for anything “extra”.

I explained that once they left our training facility, do things that are going to enrich other parts of their lives. Do things to help the community, go do some yard work for your grandparents, study more, rest, things like that. I was fortunate they bought in and had amazing seasons. The fact that they were feeling good throughout the season, took some of them by surprise, they felt like they did a lot less work, but got more done on the field, which was the desired effect, since these guys played more than one sport also allowed them to get ready for the sport that came after football. One thing I need to stress, we may have done fewer reps, but our intensity was heavily monitored.

The concepts that my staff and I stressed was to get to know your body, understand what your body is saying to you. We worked to make sure that that injured joints were treated properly before we trained them. Remember sore muscles weren’t the sign of a larger problem, in some cases coaches may think this is a huge undertaking, but the training staff and my staff were on the same page and the coach respected what we were working to do.

The training protocol we used is by no means a secret (few things in our business in this day and age are). I am enclosing a small sample of what it is we do…

Super Sets for Super Men

During the offseason our runningbacks training frequently and intensely and our normal training week consists of four (4) days. Here is a two (2) day sample if you’d like the other two (2) days feel free to contact me

Exercise   Sets Reps 
Flat-bench Barbell or dumbbell press     4   6-8
Lat Pulldown     4   6-8
Incline Barbell or Dumbbell press     4   6-8
Seated Cable Row     4   6-8
Machine Low Row     4   6-8
Machine Chest Fly     4   6-8

            Core work, ladder drills and running after lifting