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Stronger Abs and Back

Stronger Abs and Back

Stronger ABS and BackThis book written by the father and son team of Dean and Greg Brittenham offers insights to an affliction that affects more than 80 million Americans, I'm talking about back pain. One thing that I believe in a great deal is that stronger abs will help you avoid back pain that keep you out of the game. Strong abs and lower back muscles are vital for stable support and power for the entire body.

The book features 165 moves that will ehnance the flexibility, strength and power. The book has over 200 pictures that will help walk a person who may not have a lot of experience or knowledge through them. This book is suitable for eveyone from the weekend warrior to the elite professional athlete (Greg is the strength and conditioning coach for the New York Knicks, Dean has worked with the Indiana Pacers and the new England Patriots).

The best feature of this book is the 24 week sample program for abs and back that acts as a guide for people looking to target those areas.