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Training for Baseball

During my career as a conditioning coach, I worked to create training programs that would help our baseball players not only get stronger but would also enhance their ability to compete. The offseason was the time we devoted our efforts to getting stronger mentally and physically, in the expectation that when faced with adversity we will find the strength to fight through it and to focus on what needs to be done on the field to maximize our success.

When planning our training program first and foremost the goal is to instill and promote toughness, to implement this mentality we look to take an aggressive approach to training, we look to push our athletes physically, build them mentally and create a team identity built around our common interest of competing. How players get through our training days gives us an idea as to how mentally tough they are, it’s often expressed to our athletes that we will be competing against many talented programs and players, and at the end of the day, success comes to the team that has mentally prepared and believes that it is the best. When the body become tired that athlete has to believe that all of the work in put during the offseason has put them in the position to outwork and team in the country.

Our program is designed to create athletes who are strong and dynamic, our style of training is faced paced and our players are constantly moving throughout the workout, this approach helps to develop physical and mental toughness.

The key to the overall success to our program is that we make our athletes know that no one in the world is outworking them, that our work ethic will be the difference between competing and not competing.

Sample Workout:

Day 1:
Emphasis: Lower body, Posterior auxiliary, grip

Heavy Load moderate volume

Sample lifts:
Clean Pulls, Front Squats, Romanian dead lifts, glute-ham raises, Pull-ups, Power shrugs

Conditioning: Sprint progression

Day 2:
Emphasis: Upper body, Scapular,and shoulder auxililary.

Heavy load, high volume

Sample lifts: Bench Presses, incline presses, lateral raise, upright row

Conditioning: 110-yard sprints and gassers

Day 3:
Emphasis: Lower body, posterior auxiliary, grip

Intensity: Moderate weight, high volume

Sample lifts: Barbell step-ups, barbell lunges, bent over rows
Farmer walks

Conditioning: Sprint progression

Day 4:
Emphasis: Upper body, rotational strength

Intensity: Moderate weight, high volume

Sample lifts: Close-grip bench presses, one arm dumbbell incline presses, dips

Conditioning: 300 yard shuttle.