GameChangers In Camden

Why Camden,

When the word got out about my desire to do more work with the youth in Camden, I was asked "Why Camden? There isn't any money there". My response was that's just it, because there is little money in the city. Camden is the place where I was born and call home, it's the place where I went to school, learned and competed in several sports and other activities that played a great part in my development. Camden has been a huge supporter of my efforts to help expose the youth of our fair city to sports that some say are "non'-traditional".

It's a place where I feel really comfortable and welcomed and will do all that I can to help make my community as positive as I can. There are several people who are in the process of doing what it is I do and to them I say, that even in a city the size of Camden there is enough business for us all. I no longer look at those people as competition because my goal is to better educate our youth. I understand and have seen people and organizations come into our city and convince our kids to desire to train in the suburbs, and right now I can appreciate that there are those who are looking to get out of the city because they believe that is where their success lies. I submit that if we work to enhance our education and facilities within the city limits the rate of success would definitely rival those in the suburbs.

My initial foray into the "game" was to win championships, I wanted to be a NCAA National Champion and along the way I have acquired a lot of useful information. Once that goal was met it then became time to share everything I have ever learned about human athletic performance enhancement. My philosophy is "knowledge is no good unless it's shared".

I work to make myself available to any and all who may have questions and want to get better, so feel free to contact me, let's do lunch and exchange ideas. I welcome any and all opportunities to exchange ideas and fellowship with you.