St Benedict Prep Produces Top Basketball Talent

Head coach Mark Taylor, assistant coach Bob Farell and Art Pierson, have done another masterful coaching job at St. Benedict Prep. They have arguably the most talented guards in the nation and had it not been for a freak luck two pointer in a hostile Blair Academy road environment, they're team would've been undefeated. Aside from all that, what impressed us the most about this years St. Benedict's team is the outstanding win over St. Anthony's legendary hall of fame Bobby Hurley. It takes an unbelievable amount of wisdom, craftiness and motivational skill to be an elite high school coach at St. Benedict's Prep. Mark Taylor, Bob Farell and Art Pierson are perseverance and poise to lead teams to success every year. Currently, St. Benedict's Prep is the # 1 basketball team in the State and # 4 in the country.

In the basketball world the graduating class of 2013 has some exceptional talent coming out of it. Contributing to this pool of talent is Tyler Ennis. The 6'3" St. Benedict's prep point guard will be making an appearance in the Jordan Classic high school all-star game, which will be broadcasted April 13th on ESPN. He earned his spot in the All-star game by being any coaches dream guard.

He is polished passer and from the perimeter hits cutters with pinpoint accuracy. He has proven balance in his game by having the ability to dribble efficiently with either hand as well as finish with his left with the same ease as his right. From lay-ups to deep threes nothing he is a threat from any spot on the floor. His basketball career has lead him to "his dream school" Syracuse University.

Following not to far behind in his school mates foots steps is class of 2015 Isaiah Briscoe. Before this young baller stepped on a High school floor his reputation preceded him. With offers from Syracuse, Connecticut, Arizona, Florida, Baylor, Cincinnati, Rutgers and Seton Hall, as well as interest from Duke, Kentucky, and Ohio State this 6'3 shooting guard has earned the hype. Briscoe comes from a family basketball talent is deep rooted. His father, George Briscoe, was a standout for Stockton State College in New Jersey and his sister, Lasia Hemingway, is wrapping up her last season playing for Syracuse.

Not to mention his cousin Kyrie Irving of West Orange, NJ and Duke University, was recently named the NBA's Rookie of the Year for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Isaiah Briscoe is no exception to this talented family and any of his game tape can show more than words could offer.

Lastly bringing up the tail end is the outstanding freshman Tony Ellington Jr, AKA "TMAC" class of 2016. Standing at 5’10 his combination of smarts, size and shooting make him a solid point guard. The coaching staff at St. Benedict’s Prep are comparing his basketball IQ to Myles Mack from Rutgers University. Tony Ellington Jr, affectionately nick named is Tmac, he plays with poise on and off the court that is beyond his years. He sees the floor well, plays at a controlled speed and is a true floor general.

Tmac is a charismatic kid who has the potential to be rank among the top PGs in his class. The most standout trait this young protégé has is his ability to stay committed to making his team play as one and at their best despite how off he is or any other external factors.

With predecessors like Tyler Ennis and Isaiah Briscoe paving the way for young hopefuls like Tony Ellington Jr, St. Benedict's Prep head coach Mark Taylor and assistance coach Bob Farell and Art Pierson will continue to produce names of players to be remembered for years to come.