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"The Graig White Experience"
"The Graig White Experience"

"Our 6 week strength, speed and agility program is the engine that drives the train of the Team Conditioning Systems protocols. This program is based on our innovative training protocols and is responsible for a lot of our success. A typical training session is divided into two components; strength/power development and speed training.

For the strength training component our athletes engage in various weight/body weight exercises, plyometric, exercises, and medicine ball drills to enhance their ability to compete. This program is comprehensive focusing on the upper body, lower body, and core, in such a manner as to alleviate any muscle imbalances that may exist.
During the speed development part of the protocol athletes participate in fun and structured movement drills aimed at improving their first step quickness, acceleration, while also enhancing their ability to change direction.

The group setting creates a supportive training atmosphere which is co-ed and represents various ages and sports. "The Graig White Experience" never fails to get huge results, and if you are serious about your sport this "Experience" is definitely for you!

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