The Graig White Experience

“Skipping up the Stairs”

I like this move just for the shear intensity that it brings to a workout. The move is done exactly as it’s described; all you are doing is skipping on a plane that is slightly inclined. This move also greatly enhances an athlete’s coordination; the gradual incline puts the athlete in a position where the foot has to be lifted at a uniform height throughout the movement. Since we stress always improving the athlete’s awareness of their bodies in space I’ve come to trust this move a great deal, it combines the sprint technique with spatial recognition techniques.

This move is done in 3 different segments Straight up the stairs is one and we work on both diagonals as to push off of both hips to not only promote symmetry but it gives that athlete a greater sense of accomplishment. Depending on the age and maturity of the athlete we work to keep the number of times we do this to a moderate level we tend to do 5 to 9 reps which are tripled since we are going straight up and on both diagonals.

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Skipping Up Steps Video