The Graig White Experience

The Question

At a workout today I was asked by a parent what I thought was the most important quality of an athlete was, which was a great question I thought. My reply was “curiosity”. I could hear the parent thinking what in the world?

Yes, curiosity, the desire to know. Most athletes today, don’t seem to ask the right questions and are even slower to want to think about the right answer. When with athletes it is my desire to bring the body and mind together, I sometimes ask an athlete why he/she did something or other and I am often met with “I don’t know”. Few things drive me crazier than that response, if you don’t know why you did something you have got huge problems.

I have been taught that in human’s action begins with thought. It’s called accountability and I believe in it whole-heartedly. I hold my athletes to a stringent standard and will not accept anything less.

This concept works just as well off of the playing field, if I can get you to be aware of your reasons for doing things I stand a better chance of you not getting talked into doing something that may end up being detrimental to your future.