The Graig White Experience

Burlington County Tennis Association
The Objective

Over the course of my career, I have been asked “What is your objective?” My answer is simple, it’s to educate athletes, parents and coaches on ways athletes can get more efficient in their performance while reducing their risk of injury.

That is the goal with the Burlington County Tennis Association. A group that I have done extensive work with in the past. I met the Director Ike Johnson not too long after leaving the Philadelphia 76ers and we struck up a friendship based on mutual respect and understanding of what we were working to accomplish. Ike invited me to work with his group of tennis players ( a few I still am in touch with).

With this latest stint, I feel like the circle is now complete, kinda feels like I’m home. We have some kids who are great ball strikers but have some issues getting to the ball. (Getting to the ball is kinda important in the game of tennis.)

The best part about this go-round is now we have access to a training facility, a place that we can expand our offerings and create tennis players that will dominate the high school scene for years to come. Please know that we are working with upper level players as well.

The game of tennis has been very good to me, and I’m just working to pay it forward.