Intervals - Jumping Rope

This is a catch all phrase we use for any protocol that has a short burst of intensity followed by a rest interval. In this case we used 4 jump ropes each of a varying weight starting with a “speed rope” and ending with a rope that weighs 4 lbs. Each athlete will use each rope a set number of times; we tend to use intervals of 15 seconds, 25 seconds and 30 seconds. The rest period is just long enough for the athletes to get to the next rope. This protocol can be done in any number of ways ideally the work to rest interval depends on how fit the athletes involved are, with younger athletes we work to keep the interval to a ratio of 1:2 (the rest interval is twice as long as the work interval). You can have as many ropes as you see fit, you can even add Bosu balls and med balls anything that will create an intense sensation in the athlete but not to the point of exhaustion.

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